Project Playground South Africa


Project Playground's Operational Management, headed by Director Frida Vesterberg is responsible for making and implementing decisions regarding the daily operations of the organization. The Operational Management is accountable to the Board of Trustees, as the governing body of the organization.


The operative organization of Project Playground is located in St Francis Community Center in Langa and at St Gabriel’s center in Gugulethu. The majority of the approximately 50 employees live in and around the communities we work in. By hiring locally, our aim is create job opportunities and to respect the existing culture.

Our organizational structure is decentralized, allowing for the daily operations and decision-making to be delegated by top management to middle and lower-level team leaders and facilitators within the organization. Our type of operational structure empowers employees by having more autonomy to make their own decisions, giving them a sense of importance and influence over the direction of the organization. This further allows them to make better use of the knowledge and experience they have gained. As part of our employee development and investment we place great emphasis on development through skills training and further education programs.

Loyalty, ownership and democracy are important key words throughout the entire organizational structure, and have so far been successful, when building a sustainable organization, which in its very core is stable, transparent and work to empower its personnel and members.


Project Playground is a Trust with Trust deeds as its governing document and the final responsibility for the organization rests with Project Playground Board. The Board of Trustees of Project Playground is appointed to assist in upholding the organization’s values and fundamental strives. The board is particularly focusing on making sure that the management of the organization creates and implements its strategy based on the cornerstones, which embraces the mission, purpose and values of the organization. The middle management and the facilitators work at all times to adhere to the code of conduct and child protection policy.


Kerstin Akerstedt, Chair, Senior Marketing Consultant, Swedish
Frida Vesterberg, Director and Co-founder of Project Playground, Swedish
Lorella Campi Gandini, Event Coordinator, Italian
Prins Mlanga, Chief Executive, Apprentice Valley, South African 


The Project Playground transparency and accountability is central and does not only include financial reports and audits, but we further adhere to giving an account of our programs and activities; including the way in which we source and apply our funds; the measure of our impact, including both failures and successes, as well as our plans and proposals for the future.

As Project Playground works primarily for the protection and improvement of human lives, we see it vital to serve a public benefit purpose, and we do therefor not act competitively nor do we seek exclusivity, to the detriment of other organizations involved with similar work. On the contrary, we invite and encourage collaboration where necessary.

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You can also contact Frida Vesterberg, Co-Founder, directly:
Phone: +2721-6941111 

Bank details: NEDBANK, Account Holder: Project Playground Trust, Account no:1008036218, Sea Point Branch, bank code 106909